Laboratory Grown Diamonds

Epica Jewellers works with some of the biggest and highly creditable Laboratory Grown Diamond Suppliers, in Australia. All Laboratory Grown Diamonds are sold with an IGI Certificate stating the information on the Diamond. 



Laboratory Grown Diamonds are grown from Natural Mined Diamonds and hold the same physical and Chemical makeup as a Natural Mined Diamond. The only difference is Natural Mined Diamonds are mined underground, making them more rare. While Laboratory Grown Diamonds are grown in a Lab, hence the name! 



Because Laboratory Grown Diamonds are grown in a Lab, while still being classified as a REAL Diamond, they are on average 40% more affordable than a Natural Mined Diamond. 



Some people choose Lab Diamonds not only because of the prices but because the Diamonds aren't being sourced from underneath the ground, so the earth isn't directly affected from the Diamond. 


Natural Mined Diamonds are valued a significant amount more than Laboratory Grown Diamonds because of their rarity, Epica Jewellers can't promise the dollar value of your Laboratory Grown Diamond to hold or increase its value, in the far future, due to production rates.